Welcoming Julian


Julian Peter Thompson • 21.08.19 8.01am 3.35kg 54cm

Approaching three weeks since the birth of our second boy, Julian, and we’re soaking up every second of the dreamy newborn bubble and being a family of four. We are so in love with him, our hearts feel complete with this perfect little addition to our family.


It’s the biggest blessing in the whole entire world getting to do it all over again. And also so very humbling. After feeling like you have a PHD in the understanding of your first born, it feels strange to be such a beginner again with a whole new soul to uncover. So far, Julian is quite similar to Zac in many ways, but completely different in others. I cannot wait to see how similar/different they are as Julian grows.


These photos are from the first couple of days when we were still in hospital and like last time with Zac, it was a deliriously magical time being cared for by the midwives while all I had to do was cuddle and feed a baby. I know I’ll look back on these moments with a big pain in my heart wanting to be transported back to them.