I Am Alive Here, Now


The ‘notes’ app on my phone is filled with scribblings of thoughts and little nuggets of wisdom I pick up throughout the course of the day. They have become the things I meditate & mull over in the quiet or even chaotic moments of the everyday. Rather than just living on my phone, I thought I’d share them from time to time. Sharing on social media can feel a little too exposed sometimes, so I thought they should live in my little personal corner of the internet - my blog. There’s no structure to these musings, no rhyme or reason — just random thoughts that have made their way from my mind to my phone or notebook.

Meditations #1

Revel in a child-like curiosity. Growing, changing, evolving. A constant work-in-progress There is so so much magic in the mundane Does this feeling of elation ever fade? I can go as slow or as fast as I want. Choosing the things I can/want to do whilst enjoying every single detail about motherhood. It’s called patience Can you simultaneously feel like you’re blissfully incredibly happy and content yet also feel like there’s so much more magic to unfold? It always comes back to relishing the present moment.


Stillness is sanity, balance & chance to put things into perspective. Allows us to come back to our lives with more kindness, purpose & clarity You were born making lemonade out of lemons. And know exactly how to squeeze every last drop of juice. There is actually no such thing as a ‘lemon’, any mistake is a learning opportunity for growth The mystery & miracle of life. So much trust and faith in the moment, in my intuition The universe has a flow, allow it to unfold, while taking control of your energy.


Motherhood has slowed me whilst also igniting a fire deep in my soul Children are spiritual masters. They teach us Scared? Do it anyway  The ability to wallow in ambiguity and to not know the answer It IS all possible.


I am alive. Here, now. What a marvellous reality.