Reach for the stars, but child first recognise the constellations of light you already carry inside of you
— Beau Taplin

The unbelievably endless possibilities that young childhood represents. With only 20 months of life experience under his belt, he has so much ahead of him. So much growing, in every sense of the word. So much potential and opportunity. It feels even more real now that his personality is expanding with every single day and I catch myself daydreaming about who he will grow into as a young boy, teenager & adult. My main goal is to foster an environment where he continues to feel the freedom to explore the world with his innate child-like curiosity & creativity — two of the true gifts of childhood that can sometimes vanish with the restraints & responsibilities of adulthood. And for him to always remember the magic he already carries inside of him, without having to achieve anything.

It all just feels so poignant, but in a really wonderful (yet heartbreaking) way. Oh motherhood!