New Site!


Ah I can’t even begin to say how good it feels to have my fresh new site up. After countless attempts of whacking together some DIY branding but never feeling proud of it, I finally felt it was time to outsource to the pros. It has been such a transformative experience working with Smack Bang Designs on a rebrand for STP, it felt just as necessary for my mindset as it did for the look of the business.

Whilst being in the middle of newborn life, I still felt such a pull to continue working to build up my business. It just made me search for more deepness & meaning with work (and life in general) which lead me to feel lost with the direction I was visualising. I was craving having more confidence with every aspect of running a creative service-based business and wanted to feel proud of the work I was putting out into the world. I think feeling aligned with work & life takes a lot more work than having a fresh logo, but it truly felt like self-care for business, if that makes sense. A luxe necessity.

Clarity and alignment (in both work & life) is an ongoing journey…always evolving & growing, which is what makes it so exciting. I’m really looking forward to really digging myself into my business, having more confidence & not holding back with believing in my dreams.

Now a bit more about this site update…you’ll find a page dedicated to the vibe and vision I aspire STP to be. It will be a page that will change and evolve throughout the seasons but it’s something I absolutely loved putting together. You can find all the wedding galleries here and the family galleries here. I’ll be slowly updating my lifestyle and travel pages in the coming weeks and will be introducing a print shop early next year so keep an eye out for those. And I’ll be sharing more behind-the-scenes topics & general everyday life here on this new blog (old one is here).

Lastly, thank you so much for reading - I’m so glad you somehow stumbled upon my site & portfolio, I’m so excited for what’s to come and cannot wait to share it all here!