My Ideal Morning Ritual


Mornings are my all time. They are sacred. Nothing has unfolded yet, so they hold so much promise and potential for another beautiful day. I’ve always been fascinated about how people conduct their mornings and how I can optimise my own to make me feel more proactive rather than reactive throughout the day. It’s an ongoing practice that I love tweaking, and has only intensified since becoming a mum as it really helps me to feel more energised, present & enthusiastic for Zac, and more creative, focused & disciplined for work.

My goal is to wake up feeling excited and optimistic about my day, every day, so starting the day with a positive morning routine is the best way for me to try and achieve this. Over the past few months I’ve been trying to stick to the below routine as much as possible. It’s my ideal morning ritual, not the everyday routine, although that is certainly the goal (and perhaps just putting this post out into the universe will be that extra motivation for me to do it consistently).

1. Starts with a calm nighttime ritual

This is what I find the hardest, by far. But it makes it so much easier to jump out of bed in the early morning. The ideal is to do a slow transition to bedtime by switching off from work, limiting screen time by 8pm, enjoy a cup of tea on the couch and in bed by 9pm, read my book until around 9.45pm before doing a 10-15 minute sleep meditation to help me drift off to sleep by 10pm.

2. Two alarms

I set the first alarm for 4.55am and the second one for 5am. Waking up in the 4s is brutal but I’m not one who can jump out of bed on the first alarm, I need a little warming up. So for that precious five extra minutes of sleep, I spend it by feeling so grateful for having a cosy bed I don’t want to get out of, and just for life itself. By the time the 5am alarm has gone off, I feel a bit more energised.

3. Wash face

I’m usually an exhausted zombie tip-toeing down our hallway to the kitchen, to try and not wake Zac. First thing I have to do is splash my face with cold water about five times, before washing it with a light cleanser. This is the fastest way for me to feel refreshed, alert, energised & alive without having to jump in the shower and risk waking the sleeping dictator (his room is right next to our bathroom).

4. Water & apple cider vinegar or lemon

Keeping myself hydrated is one of my biggest daily challenges, so starting the morning with a big glass of water is essential. I love adding something into the water, usually apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. Both seem to have some wonderful health benefits, which for me is a bonus because I genuinely love the taste. I’ll drink it throughout the morning, before we head outside for our morning walk.

5. breath & Body

Next I’ll do ten big slow deep breaths followed by ten star jumps. Both are just as important to me because the slow breathing helps to instantly ground, calm & relax me while the start jumps helps to get my blood pumping and makes me feel like I’ve already done something. It’s the perfect exercise to prepare me for meditation. I’ll also use this time to set my intension for the day, not something on my to-do list but a feeling I want to feel throughout the day.

6. Meditation

Perhaps the most important (and my new favourite) part of the morning routine for me. Meditation was the whole reason behind wanting to wake up an hour before Zac. I craved implementing a consistent meditation routine, but couldn’t seem to fit it in throughout the day. I’ll usually pick the meditation I’m going to do the night before - at the moment I’m loving the meditations on Hay House Meditations podcast but also love using Calm app.

7. Read or listen to a Podcast

This will only happen if I only do a shorter meditation, don’t meditate at all or if Zac decides to sleep in. I’ve got a stack of non-fiction books that I’m always jumping between and I’ll often leave one out on my desk so I can read a couple of pages in the morning. Sometimes I might even write some thoughts in my ‘notes’ app on my phone or listen to a self-development podcast. I guess is just about letting any inspiration run free.

8. Zac & the great outdoors

By around 5:50am, Zac will be stirring and it’s time to get him ready for the day. George leaves for work at 6am so it’s nice that we all have a bit of family time before he leaves. Zac will then have his morning bottle while I get us ready for our morning beach walk. We will usually get to the beach for around 6:30am and depending on the day, our walk can be 40-90 mins. I know that these beach walks will look different when Zac is older or when there’s two babies to look after, so I’m just appreciating every single second of them until then.

When the stars align and I’m able to do all of the above, I feel so accomplished even if I don’t do anything else throughout the day. I’d say that it happens 1-2 times a week at the moment with my aim to make it happen every weekday morning. That being said, when I don’t do it, I try to make sure I really relish & enjoy that extra sleep in rather than feel guilty for it. All I know is that waking up early is like working out, I’ll never ever regret it.