Sophie Thompson

Hi! I'm really glad you're here :)

My name is Sophie and I'm a photographer based in beautiful Sydney, Australia. I love everything about life, weddings, travel & food so it's felt really natural to want to document everything about these categories through the art of photography. I am so incredibly appreciative that I've found my passion and what I feel is my purpose in life, I can't even begin to tell you how obsessed I am with capturing beautiful photos. 

However, photography was something I never thought I would see myself pursuing as a career (all I cared about in high school was sport haha) but by some miracle, photography seemed to find me! I'm completely self-taught through a lot of trials and many many errors, but I've somehow landed on a style of photography that I truly love & am proud of. That's not to say I have it all figured out though. I definitely don't...and I'm always full of adrenaline/nervousness before any shoot. But this encourages me to continuously improve and to always learn from the best through whatever information I can get my hands on. It's a really exciting world, the world of photography. It's constantly changing and evolving, whilst remaining magically timeless.

Yarra Valley | Victoria-38.jpg

Here's a little backstory... photography found me after I started a personal blog called The Littlest Things back in February 2010. This is what lead me to discover my passion for capturing & documenting every little moment of life. At the time, George (my then amazing boyfriend, my now amazing husband) and I were in the midst of a crazy across-the-world long distance relationship. He's from London and was at university in the UK so we would split our time between the UK & Australia. It was such an incredible time of our lives and it was so much fun documenting it all on the blog. I had absolutely no clue that it would lead me to what I am doing today but I would read heaps of blogs and the ones that I loved the most were the ones with beautiful imagery. It made me really want to learn how to capture my own pretty photos so I asked for a DSLR for my 21st birthday. I've since upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark III and have been practising & falling more and more in love with photography ever since.

London 2009/2010. All taken with my trusty old point and shoot.

London | What To Cook-111.jpg

To be honest, I'm still exploring my 'style' and that really excites me. What I can say right now is that I love photographs that make me feel something and it's what I strive to achieve in my own work. When I think about it, I would describe my work & style as; bright, happy, romantic & classic. 

I get inspired by everything. Surf culture to skiing culture, cooking shows & books, my super hard working husband, entrepreneurs & small business owners, young families, the elderly, my passionate & funny brother, tropical beaches to the grey & moody skies of England, fresh and airy interior design, scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest, romantic dramas & comedies, stunning floral design, professional athletes, other photographers who I admire, the music industry, beautiful lyrics & Beau Taplin's words.

My inspirations and interests influence my photography work endlessly. This makes my work feel like a major part of who I am. Through sharing my work, I'm sharing corny as that sounds :)


Wedding photography + portrait sessions + food photography + travel photography + events, lifestyle campaigns and interior photography. 

The opportunities are endless and I would love to work with you.


I'm based in Sydney while being available to the rest of Australia. Internationally speaking, I love travel and dream of capturing weddings around the world. Particularly in the UK & Europe. My husband I fly back to England quite regularly to visit his family so travel costs to the UK are reasonable. 

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I'm a bit of a homebody and love nothing more than hanging out with my husband & our adorable pup, Winston. George and I dream about building our future coastal inspired farmhouse in the countryside all the time. However, we're also always planning our next big travel adventures. We'd both really love to live in America for a little while. I'd also love to have a couple months living in the French countryside where I could spend my days eating baguettes, visiting the farmers markets & cooking up a storm in my little French kitchen. Bliss!

Family is everything to me and my memories of childhood are just pure magic. My parents gave my brother & I such an incredible introduction into life and they continue to be endlessly supportive of everything we do which is the best thing in the world. Before photography, all I ever wanted to do was to (eventually) become a mum. I really can't wait for that day, but until then I'm absolutely loving focusing 100% on trying to be the best photographer I can be.


  • beautifully crisp mornings
  • golden afternoon light
  • lazy days spent cooking a new recipe
  • morning coffees + afternoon teas 
  • country music
  • the English countryside
  • being outside & barefoot
  • fresh air, flowers & bread
  • having lunch outside in dappled sunlight
  • red wine + white wine + rosé wine
  • dreaming up future photoshoot ideas
  • Sydney in January
  • the mountains
  • the beach
  • road trips with George
  • dinner parties
  • watching sport (especially cricket, rugby & NFL)
  • skiing (!)
  • cheese of all kinds
  • super rainy days when I have nowhere to be
  • reading cookbooks & bon appetit mag
  • taking Winston to the dog beach
  • listening to podcasts while editing photos
  • sunrises & sunsets........
Icefields Parkway-43.jpg